Trip to a gold prospectors claim, where you can dig your own gold. Explore the history of gold-prospecting in Finland while cooking crepes on the open fire.

Duration: 3-5h



30km long snowmobile trip to the Gold Prospector’s Museum. Trip includes a lunch break by an open fire and car transportation back.

Duration: 5h


Snowmobile safari with a visit to the Golden Prospector’s Museum. The trip starts with visiting the museum. After lunch on the way back through the wilderness group stops in a couple of good Aurora spotting locations. If the weather is cloudy, group can enjoy the silence of wilderness by an open fire.

Trip includes transportation to the museum by car, snowmobile safari, meals, thermal outfits and driving gear.

Duration: 6h



Guided trip to experience fishing during winter. Join the guides on the snowmobiles and sleds to check ice-fishing nets, hooks and fish traps. Try to catch some fish from under the ice and enjoy a fresh meal prepared from the caught fish.

Duration: 6h
(Minimum 3 pax/tour)


Visit to the husky farm and learning how to guide a husky sledge. Going on a safari with the huskies.

Includes: Driving gear, warm clothes and winter shoes. 

Duration: 3h



A day trip with a minibus to the Arctic Sea in Norway. Snowmobile transportation to the fishing locations at the sea to fish crabs. Later enjoying a delicious meal made from crabs.

Includes: car transportation, snowmobile transportation, crab fishing, dinner, thermal suit.

Duration: 11h


A week-long winter holiday with lots of different activities. Every day has different theme. There is also a possibility to see and photograph the Northern Lights each night.

Day 1 : Snowmobile safari
       Safari through Taiga forest to the fjells, lunch at a logger’s lounge

Day 2: Husky safari
      4h husky safari with lunch. Traditional smoke sauna in the evening and swimming in the river

Day 3: Snowmobile safari and ice-fishing
      Snowmobile safari to a lake, icefishing, pike hooks with baitfish. Lunch by an open fire

Day 4: Reindeer farm visit
      Visit to a reindeer farm and learning about reindeer herding. Visit to Sami Culture Museum

Day 5: Skiing, fatbiking or tobogganing
      Slalom or crosscountry skiing tobogganing of
      1300m, fatbiking and dinner by open fire at a cabin

Day 6: Prospector’s snowmobile trip
      Prospector’s snowmobile trip to the Gold Museum. Dinner at Tankavaara’s Gold Village, gold panning evening

Day 7: Santa Claus in Rovaniemi
      Transportation to Rovaniemi and meeting Santa Claus at Santa Claus Office. Transportation to the airport available as well

Includes: accommodation, programs, transportations, meals during the activities, special clothing for winter weather

Duration: 7 days



A week-long summer holiday with lots of different activities.

Day 1 : Arrival and transportation to accommodation cabin, information, dinner and sauna

Day 2: Fishing at Lake Inari with a boat
      Setting up fishnets and trawl, line with hooks and baitfish. Trolling on the lake and lunch by an open fire. Sauna and dinner at the cabin

Day 3: Fishing at Lake Inari with a boat
      Pull up the nets and hookline. Visiting the Gold Museum in Tankavaara. Dinner from the caught fish and sauna

Day 4: Visit to Prospector’s camp and gold panning
      Visiting the Prospector’s camp, gold panning in real environment. Lunch at Gold camp. Trout fishing at the river with fly or spinner. Dinner and sauna

Day 5: Fishing salmon at River Teno
      Fishing salmon up to 20kg. Lunch and dinner at accommodation in Utsjoki

Day 6: Fishing at the Arctic Sea in Norway
      Going to the Arctic Sea in Norway to fish catfish, halibut and cod. King crab fishing in the evening with rods. Dinner from crabs

Day 7: Transportation to the airport
      Extra activities during the day time or evening if there’s time. Picking berries and mushrooms in the forest. Fatbiking on
      cross-country route

Includes: accommodation, programs, transportations, breakfast, lunch, dinner at the accommodation, fishing equipment, fishing license, boat transportations on lake. 
No restaurant services.

Duration: 7 days


A 4-day fishing trip in Inari, Lapland.

Day 1: Fatbiking, hiking, visit to Prospector’s Camp
      Arrival and transportation to accommodation cabin. Fatbiking, hiking nearby the cabin, visiting the Prospector’s Camp and fishing trout at the river

Day 2: Drive in the north, fishing salmon at River Teno
      3h-long drive through the fjell area of Northern Finland with lunch on the way. Accommodation and fishing salmon up to 20kg at River Teno.

Day 3: Fishing at the Arctic Sea
      Fishing at the Arctic Sea for cod, halibut and king crabs. Dinner from king crabs.

Day 4: Transportation to the Ivalo airport or the starting point.

Includes: transportations, accommodation, breakfasts, lunch, dinner at accommodation, fishing equipment, fishing license, boat transportation on lake.
No restaurant services.

Duration: 4 days